Congress Park Real Estate is Cooler with The Uber Sausage!

The Uber Sausage

Sometimes you like to have a meal that is complex. But most of the time, basic good food is the most satisfying. After a morning of strolling around the Botanical Gardens or spending an afternoon at the Denver Zoo, you can find a Congress Park, Denver eatery that has raised basic ingredients to an art form right on East Colfax — The Über Sausage.

Ingredients Are the Primary Focus

Partners Henry DeMatteis, Alex Gschwend, and Marco Macchiaroli started The Über Sausage with a bankroll of just $40,000 in 2011. The cornerstone of their philosophy has been great ingredients — superior artisan bread and sausage and inventive housemade condiments have been on the menu from the start — and their goal was to get the basics right before they worried about anything else.

This strategy has definitely paid off for them. The Über Sausage, open in both its original East Colfax and a new LoHi location, now produces its own nitrate- and preservative-free sausage and has expanded its menu. They are open for breakfast and serve an assortment of microbrews and wine to complement the natural ingredients of their food.

What’s Good?

Try the “Colorado Buffalo,” a spicy buffalo bratwurst with berry chipotle sauce, or “The Hatch,” a sausage made from Hatch green chilis, a Southwestern favorite. Tater tots are a favorite side for people of all ages, especially when topped with Creamy Chipotle Sauce & Bacon. But your kids might prefer the Mac & Cheese Stuffed Beef & Pork Hotdog — a “sausage” that was designed especially for them.

The Über Sausage

2730 East Colfax Avenue, Denver


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