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Welcome to Denver! It’s exciting to move to a city as cool as us! But if you only know one or two people — if any — getting connected can be a little nerve-wracking. So how do you quickly start enjoying the Mile High life? offers some great tips.

1) Say yes at every opportunity.

You can’t make friends by staying home. Get out there! Accept every invitation offered by a Denver-ite. After all you are on a mission to meet friends, a BFF and maybe even a boyfriend/girlfriend.

2) Get set up on friend dates… or date dates!

After college you have to make friends in more deliberate ways. Ask your friends if they know anyone in Denver who might be a nice friend. Browse your connections on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram to find out which of your network lives in town.

3) Join social groups.

Even if you’re not into joining groups, just getting involved for a short while in a group will go a long way! Denver has everything from nonprofit volunteering to kickball leagues. Of course you can try something new as many groups head out to the Rockies to play.

4) Stay somewhere comfortable.

Consider splurging on a temporary apartment in an area where you feel really safe and free to explore your surroundings. After all you want to build a daily routine: the grocery store, post office, cool bars and restaurants and etc. Perhaps even stay with a friend or relative for a few months.

5) Take a year to acclimate.

Accept that you will have a moment or two where you’ll wonder if moving was a good idea. Let’s face it, you may even freak out, worrying if you’re doomed to die alone! Remember transitions are hard and take time. Commit to giving Denver a year to decide (a date will help you stay calm).


Bottomline: Denver is awesome. If you need more advice or tips on how to enjoy our city, check out my blog. Also if you are planning to buy, I’m here to help you find the right property to make Denver feel like home.