san luis valley

Alien children, secret underground cities, and etc….Colorado has generated a lot of crazy conspiracy theories! Here are a few of the most popular rumors:


Boulder Controls Your Thoughts!

The National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder works with AT&T on a number of projects. The one project some theorists are convinced about: the NIST and AT&T are have designed telepathic machines to control the world! The nuttiest rumor is they are making people think God is ordering them to enact the Bible’s Second Coming!


Cattle Mutilations in the San Luis Valley

Rumors abound about the San Luis Valley near Pueblo. For 60 years there’s been reports about animal mutilations (an article was written up in 2009 by the Denver Post). There’s supposedly so much bizarre activity, Google Maps actually shows a UFO Watchtower!


Mount Blanca’s Alien Bunker

Near the San Luis Valley is Mt. Blanca. While the area conjurors up similar stories, conspiracy theorists have claimed the caverns below the peak are an underground alien base. They claim Southwestern tribal legends of how their ancestors migrated through the caverns from a mystical place.


DIA’s Blue Horse

Everyone seems to have an opinion on the blue bronco sculpture displayed outside of the airport. The fact that it killed the sculptor by falling on top of him in his workshop certainly makes it creepy. While the horse is supposed to represent the Old West’s wild spirit, conspiracy theorists believe it has an apocalyptic omen (like some sort of “New World Order”).

Read on! Here are a few more Colorado conspiracy theories.