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Over the past decades, conspiracy theorists have talked up some interesting rumors about our state. Had X-files agents Mulder and Scully investigated these Colorado’s tales, it would’ve made for some interesting episodes!


Denver International Airport’s Underground City

When the airport was built in 1995, conspiracy theories surrounding it actually went world wide. Out-of-state friends and relatives have asked: Is there really a secret city underneath DIA? There are thousands of Youtube videos about it! The craziest of the rumors: aliens gave humans coordinates in order to build a structure with for their secret use.


Extraterrestrial Portals in Grand Junction

Another secret underground facility is supposed to be in the Grand Valley. Its purpose: to allow aliens to travel through portals and vortexes which exist in a different dimension. These galactic doors can only be seen by alien creatures (sorry folks are species doesn’t qualify), but people have reported mysterious floating lights, objects and even meeting “star people.” This conspiracy theory has picked up so much interest, Grand Junction’s Daily Sentinel ran an article in 2008 about it!


NORAD’s Partnership with Aliens

How could a high-security base built inside a mountain NOT trigger crazy rumors? Good grief the TV show “Stargate” even portrayed Colorado Springs’ base as a military-ran gateway to the Milky Way! So the myriad of extraterrestrial stories include everything from alien-hybrid children living inside the base to aliens and humans co-operating an underground cloning facilities. Oh and I forgot to mention NORAD supposedly is helping aliens develop microchips to implant into people for world domination….


Read on! Here are a few more nutty, Colorado conspiracy theories.


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