Teller Elementary is a highlight for Congress Park real estate.

Teller Elementary, Denver - Congress Park Real Estate

When you have a family, where to live is about more than vibrant nightlife and close proximity to work and shopping. Getting your children into a great elementary school can provide them with a foundation that will last a lifetime and prepare them for the challenges of secondary school and college.


Right in the Heart of Congress Park

Teller Elementary is a public school serving early childhood through fifth grade. Although located in the heart of Congress Park, there is a combination of neighborhood and “choice in” families, giving the school a community vibe. The school has good academics and a new principal committed to excellence. It is a gifted and talented magnet school for the entire district.

One of the best things about Teller, though, is the wealth of extracurricular programs and events the school hosts each year, helping students to develop school pride and become well-rounded:

  • Band. With so many schools nationwide dropping music programs, it’s great to see a school that not only makes music a part of the regular curriculum but also teaches students to play instruments. Teller also offers violin lessons to children in grades 2 – 5.
  • Programs for Enrichment of all Kids (PEAK). The PEAK program offers after school enrichment programs in art, drama, computers, science, and sports by parent volunteers. What a great way for your child to spend more time doing something they love!
  • Shakespeare Festival. Every year the Gifted and Talented teacher oversees the production of a Shakespeare play for the enrichment of 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students, with the goal of performing at DPS’s spring Shakespeare Festival.
  • Tellerpalooza. This annual rock fundraiser is the school’s biggest event. Local bands team up with Teller’s own talent to put on a great show celebrating local Colorado music. There’s something for just about everyone at this event — check out their amazing website. And don’t worry, older parents: They even sell earplugs at the bake sale.

Teller Elementary
1150 Garfield Street
Denver, CO 80206


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