My name is Brian Lam and I just wanted to pass along a pretty cool experience that may be useful to you as you work with Eric yo buy your next home. Few months ago, my wife Melissa I moved to Aspen, we were kind of freaking out because we still had our place in Denver, and rent ain’t cheap up in Aspen. Paying rent AND mortgage sucks, and we were panicking because the market is soft, so our condo has depreciated PLUS we never bought the parking space, and were worried we’d never sell it. Not to mention that we didn’t have time to sell it. We were already living up in Aspen, and we barely got down for a weekend a month.

A friend of mine, Eric Sultan, that I used to sell wine to called me and wanted to know what I was planning to do about my condo. I told him the aforementioned sob story, and said that I wanted to sell it, but that I didn’t see how I’d be able to in my situation. I would probably have to rent it at a loss. I told him that if he wanted to run some numbers, I would consider selling it if the numbers made sense, but that I had very little time to get back to do anything to make the house ready to sell. I was also skeptical because Melissa and I had listed our house about a year ago for several months. We got no offers (selling at a loss!) and our real estate agent was falling short on many promises. Eric called me back the next day with numbers that made sense, working with me and using market data to find a price that would sell and work for me. He asked if I wanted to start the process. I told him again that I had no time to fix the place up, and that the condo hadn’t gotten any offers the previous year, so why would it now? I was blown away when Eric said he’d take care of everything. That I could relax up in Aspen, and he would make sure the carpets were cleaned, the place was professionally cleaned, and all the minor details were taken care of. He said I could pay him back later.

Two weeks later, we got an offer that was reasonable. I went down to do a final walk through of our condo (I hadn’t seen it since before we put it on the market), and it was immaculate. The new carpet looked great, the place was spotless, and the bill for it (which I didn’t even have to pay him back for until the actual close) was SIGNIFICANTLY less expensive than I had anticipated… just a few hundred bucks. I literally did nothing, and my place was sold. The cherry on top was that at the closing, he had a bottle of bubbly waiting for me as a congratulations gift. I have never, in any line of work, seen the level of professionalism, dedication, or customer service that I saw with the way that Eric sold my condo. He routinely called me to let me know where we were in the process after we were under contract. Every time I called him, he either answered his phone, or called me back while I was leaving a message. I am so grateful for the job he did for me, that I had to pass this story along.

If you are thinking about buying or selling a place, or you know somebody that is, I HIGHLY recommend calling Eric. There are a ton of real estate agents out there. I’m sure you all know somebody that does it. In that business, what sets people apart are the qualities that Eric demonstrates. There may be some good agents out there, but I promise you that you will not find anyone that will work harder for you and with as much customer service as Eric Sultan.


-Brian Lam

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