Great resources for your trust, estate and probate clients!

Preparing an estate for sale can be a daunting and overwhelming situation! To provide your clients the best experience, consider recommending these fantastic resources. They are all Colorado-based and have excellent reputations for service. They all offer free estimates.


Major Organizers


If your clients want to keep items at the estate, Major Organizers®  can help them create a system that saves time, money, and reduce personal and family stress. They keep their prices low for the value your clients will receive!

Downsizing: Major Organizers’ Liberators develop an action and space plan for moving estate items to a storage unit or another home. They’ll help your clients determine which items to keep and give away.

Dividing Households: Liberators are also great third parties when a family is dividing up estate items for their own spaces. They have been called “amazing mediators” and “peacekeepers” when figuring out what items will be best for everyone’s lifestyles, values, needs and goals.


Clutter Trucker


If the property needs major dejunking (or was home to an owner who hoarded) Clutter Trucker provides removal and hauling of ANY non-hazardous items. They offer services with nonjudgmental compassion and care. Clutter Trucker also specializes in:

Extreme Cleaning:  Equipped to handle properties which may have been neglected and hoarding situations.

Senior Service: When older owner’s have accumulated items, Clutter Trucker has the experience, knowledge, and patience to help sort through the belongings and determine what should be kept, recycled, donated, or sold.

Hoarding Cleanup: What may seem like “clutter” to your clients could be full of memories to their family. Clutter Trucker knows the belongings are not all junk. They handle clients’ items with respect and sensitivity as eliminating the “clutter” can be difficult or emotional.


Everything But The House


Everything But The House is a revolutionary concept! It’s an online estate sale marketplace where people can bid all across the country. EBTH helps your clients sell almost everything: rare antiques, furniture and everyday necessities. The site averages more than 125 estate sales a month! EBTH has teams of estate experts (of a variety of disciplines) in the Metro Denver area.

How EBTH Works

Free Consultation:  A consultant will set up a property visit with your.

Expert Preparations: EBTH’s experts will sort, evaluate, photograph, and describe each item to be sold (and remove unwanted items).

Live Online Sale: When the estate sale goes live online, buyers have seven days to bid (starting at $1). EBTH manages the payment, pickup, and shipping of every item.

Settlement Payment: At this point your clients’ property will be completely empty (from wall-to-wall). They will receive an itemized inventory and settlement check.

On average, clients who use EBTH receive a 3-5 times higher return on their items than the traditional auctions, consignment shops and etc.!

Looking for more resources?

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