eric sultan probate specialistCongratulations to Eric Sultan for passing the C.P.R.E.S. exam! As a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist, he is ready to help attorneys and homeowners with any sale of real property that an estate may needs to liquidate. Eric invested time to earn the certification to further ensure his probate, trust and estate clients meet their financial goals and receive the smoothest transaction.

Millions of Americans must go through a probate process. Because so many people do not set up wills and living trusts, estate heirs usually face a long and arduous probate process. As an official real estate agent with the US Probate Services, Eric is dedicated to helping probate estate administrators, executors and heirs settle the estate as efficiently as possible.

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eric Eric will gladly step in and advise you on various aspects and even go to work on any real estate you might be handling. Learn more about his Metro Denver probate, trust and estate services here. Or contact him today with your questions.

Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist