bike share

Last year our city’s bike sharing program, the Denver B-cycle, took a risk by offering their services all year.

In 2013 the bikes were only offered between March and December (288 days). According to their numbers, making the bicycles available year round truly paid off! The system’s usage rose by 43 percent compared to 2013.

  • Mileage: Riders traveled an estimated total of over 800,000 miles in 2014 (compared to the 560,000+ during the previous year).
  • Trips: Almost 380,000 trips were taken by pedestrians (in 2013 the bikes were used a little over 263,000 times).

With Denver B-cycle’s growing popularity, users and memberships also substantially increased.

  • There were 33 percent more 24-hour users.
  • Ongoing memberships also rose by 29 percent.

As of January 1, 2015 the Denver B-cycle had 74,312 memberships (in 2013 there were 57,563 memberships).

The B-cycle’s program director, Nick Bohenkamp, told the Denver Post the increased activity is attributed to their system’s reliability and seamless checkout and return policy. Their operations also improved as they strengthened their systems’ technology and purchased a third delivery truck (to ensure bikes were available at all stations). Plus two more stations were added last year in the Highlands (West 29th Avenue and Zuni Street) and by the Denver Art Museum (West 11th Avenue and Delaware Street). The Denver B-cycle now has a total of eighty-four stations!

Check out where B-cycle stations are located throughout Denver.

Denver B-cycle’s success leads the way for the other 25 cities using the program. It’ll be exciting to see how the program continues to prosper in 2015!