japanese cake

Tucked away in the Congress Park neighborhood, Glaze has been known as a baum cake shop. Created by entrepreneur Heather Alcott, she discovered this Japanese pastry while living in Asia. Opening the bakery a few years ago at West 11th Avenue and Madison Street, Heather imported a pampered Japanese oven from Tokyo (the size of a small car). She began experimenting with different ingredients and flavors to create pastries that appealed to any Denver-ite. Check out their assortment online.  She also added a sushi and other Japanese items to their menu.

Just a month ago, Glaze took a whole new direction. While they still offer the classic Japanese-styled pastries, they are now a neighborhood bistro with a pan-Asian and German flair. Bittersweet’s former top chef Kris Padalino, designed Glaze’s new dishes to be inviting, comforting and inventive, something Congress Park neighbors can certainly appreciate!

Glaze’s new lunch menu includes a pretzel lobster roll with green curry, a Chinese pork belly hash (a vegetarian version is also available) and a spicy Atlantic salmon tartare with a wasabi and crème fraiche mousse. But the superstar according to food critics: the matcha waffles and fried chicken dish. By adding matcha powder to the classic ingredients, the orange-flavored waffles have a green coloring. Topped with fried chicken encrusted in black and white sesame seeds, they are sweetened by fresh blackberry and ginger syrup (and house-made honey butter). Wow….

Heather Alcott plans to eventually offer dinner services as well.

Glaze Bakery and Restaurant is open daily from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Glaze Bakery and Restaurant

1160 Madison Street, Denver, CO 80206