Chelsea Huffman & Matt Grossi

I don’t have any experience working with a realtor. This was our first time buying a home. So lucky me that we happened to connect with the best realtor in town! OK, OK. My sample size is admittedly small. But I do know that I have 1) absolutely no complaints, but only glowing things to say about Eric, and 2) spoken with multiple people who have horror stories about realtors in town.

I am extremely Type-A (lawyer), and needless to say responsiveness and knowledge is not so much a “plus” for me, but rather a concrete expectation. But Eric exceeded those expectations. Ten times over.

On top of responding to my insistent questions almost immediately, he did everything he could to accommodate both my, and my husband’s, demanding work schedule. He gave us absolutely unbiased truths about any resale issues associated with any given house. We gave him a $100K of wiggle room in our budget, and he ended up showing us the house we bought: $30K under the lowest point of our budget. His honesty was not just impressive, but shocking.

He did a fantastic job negotiating with the sellers (whose realtor was new to the scene), and advocated with real strength during some hiccups in our inspection objection. He’s also super nice and super normal; so fun to ride around in a car with. Also, he has some impeccable attention to detail, and there were some little things I really liked: he wore a suit to our closing (my husband had jeans and a fleece on), gave us an AMAZING mortgage broker recommendation (Matt Updike at Universal Lending is awesome), and gave us the seriously coolest closing present ever (on move day, we had 1) champagne; 2) instant coffee with paper cups; 3) a toothbrush and toothpaste; 4) a drill; and 5) toilet paper, among other things!)

He’s just one serious professional, with amazing knowledge and energy, and will just call you back whenever you need him to. And take this for what it’s worth, dear internet reader: but for me to think someone is responsive, that person is RESPONSIVE.

Considering what a big deal buying a house is, you can’t go wrong hiring Eric Sultan as your realtor.  ~ Chelsea Huffman & Matt Grossi