The Benefits Of Clients Working With Professional Probate Real Estate Agents

When a family is handed the fiduciary or beneficiary duties of a loved one’s property, it can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. To make the process as easy, efficient and cost-effective as possible, here are some reasons to help you encourage your clients to work with a Probate Real Estate Broker.

What Is A Probate Real Estate Agent?

A professional Probate Real Estate Agent has earned their CPRES (Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist) with the U.S. Probate Services. While most agents in the Metro Denver area are registered with the National Association of REALTORS®, Probate Agents have also successfully studied the probate code and meet specific real estate qualifications.

Why Shouldn’t My Clients Just Hire Their Agent?

Naturally, in stressful times, people want to turn to a real estate agent they already trust to sell a property. While their agent may be able to expertly navigate the Metro Denver’s intense market, fiduciaries and beneficiaries need an agent who is also equipped to handle the legalities.

After all selling a probate property is a lengthier, more complex process. Not only must a real estate agent work with a title company, buyers and other agents, they also interact with attorneys, banks, fiduciaries and referees. The agent needs to be able to successfully facilitate for an estate administrator and executor while going through probate proceedings.

A probate or trust property is simply too important and time-consuming to put into the hands of an inexperienced agent.

What Will A Probate Real Estate Agent Do For My Clients?

A certified specialist will prepare your clients for the unexpected and ensure they reap their desired results: timing, ease and/or return on a property sale.

  • Create a strategy to ensure the home sells in the shortest amount of time and for the highest return on investment. For example, they will help the family assess whether if it’s best to sell the home quickly via wholesale markets or for retail.
  • Ensure their plan meets the unique situation or issues of the probate or trust. The agent will use their expert knowledge to follow certain rules and proceedings under the state and local ordinances (which may even require a court’s confirmation).
  • Work closely with all parties: probate professionals, real estate vendors and specialists, the family and potential buyers. Familiar with the intense decisions and circumstances families face in probate and trust situations, they’ll offer emotional support and encouragement.
  • Prepare the home by handling the decluttering, repairs and/or upgrades. The agent will provide valuable information about the property to all parties.

Typically probate specialists have contractors in place that won’t get paid until the home closes. This is very convenient to the executor/admin of the estate.

  • Offer guidance on pricing the property well for the sale. List the property through the Metro Denver area’s listing services, online sites such as Zillow, etc. The agent will utilize all of their resources to effectively market the home to the right potential buyers.
  • Handle the showings, schedule tours, negotiations, transactional procedures. They will navigate each phase of the sales process and keep all parties updated as they prepare to close.

Probate Real Estate Agents offer families and industry professionals confidence and ease in getting the property successfully sold!



NOTE: State and federal laws change frequently, so the following information may not reflect recent changes. For legal advice, please consult an attorney. This article is not legal advice and is not a substitute for legal advice.

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